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Expatriate Advice

Everyone, whether they live abroad or in the UK, needs to think about their finances. However, if you live outside of the UK there are additional questions to think about and there may products which could be more suitable for your circumstances than if you were based in the UK.

As Independent financial advisers we are not restricted to limited providers. We will look at your situation and make recommendations for your unique circumstances, rather than try to shoe-horn you into products that may not be suitable.

Wherever in the world you may be or are planning to go, if our advice is given to you while you are in the UK, or in Europe, it is covered by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – commonly regarded as the world’s most stringent regulator. This means that you will receive the same level of protection from the FCA as if you were living in the UK. 

We can help with all aspects of financial planning, including:


  • Life insrurance
  • Medical Insurance

Investment advice

  • Reviewing an existing portfolio
  • Creating a bespoke portfolio from cash deposits or regular monthly investment.


  • Creating a fund for future retirement income

Are you ready to take benefits from an existing fund? If so, we can help advise on the options available to you. Contact us

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