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Long Term Care

Paying for Long Term Care is not something we tend to think about until the need arises. When this happens, there will be many questions, not least of all how much it will cost and who has to pay for it.

For some, the local authority will pay the cost of care. For others, the local authority will contribute towards the cost with the resident paying the remainder of the fees. Others will be required to meet the full cost of care themselves.

Generally speaking, if you have assets of less than £14,250 the local authority will meet the cost of care up to their agreed tariff rate, less the individuals pension income. If you have assets in excess of £23,250 you will need to pay for all the care costs yourself. Between these two figures, there will be a contribution from the local authority with the resident funding the remainder themselves.

There are other things to take into consideration when ascertaining whether you qualify for any help with funding and these will be discussed fully with you in a clear and straightforward way. Contact us now on: 01228 406397 to arrange a free and no-obligation appointment.

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