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Personal & Corporate Pensions

Do you worry that your company or personal pension isn't perfoming as it should? Pensions need periodical reviews to ensure that the investment is continuing to perform.

Changing pension legislation means that many older personal pension schemes are outdated with high charging structures and may benefit from switching into a new product.

To help you make the right decisions for your situation we will meet with you for a pension overview where we will gather detailed information about your current circumstances, assets, liabilities and life goals. We will explain the retirement products available to you and the options you could consider for your circumstances.

With your authorisation we can obtain information on your behalf directly from existing policy/investment providers to establish the full details of all the contracts you hold. With this information we can see whether you are entitled to any guaranteed annuity rates or a guaranteed minimum pension.

Following on from the review, if it is clear that action needs to be taken to improve your future pension income, we can construct a portfolio of investments with good geographic spread and asset allocation which best reflects your needs and attitude to risk.

Where appropriate, we can source the best annuity obtainable on the open market. As independent advisers with no connections or ties to any companies, we are completely unrestricted in searching for the solution best suited to you.

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